Welcome to MIAO ATELIER, a vibrant universe where imagination runs wild and creativity knows no bounds! Established in 2020 and brought to life in 2024, I, Miao, am the heart and soul behind this independent art label and design studio.

At Miao Atelier, we specialize in crafting maximalist objects and wearables, each piece meticulously handmade with a generous sprinkle of love. This whimsical and wondrous realm was dreamt up by yours truly, inspired by fantasy, surrealism, childhood nostalgia and a dash of carnivalesque characters.

I proudly don the hat of a sorcerer, conjuring up whimsical and quirky objects with the sole purpose of spreading joy far and wide. My creations dance to the rhythm of contrasting textures, materials, and prints, transforming them into theatrical wonders.

For those who may be a tad hesitant about embracing the kaleidoscope of colors, I aim to be your guiding light. Consider my creations as delightful stepping stones, encouraging you to explore vibrant hues in both your wardrobe and personal spaces.

Welcome to the Miao Atelier experience – where every creation is a celebration of playfulness, creativity, and a touch of magic. Join me on this colorful journey, and let's add a splash of whimsy to your world! ☆


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